About us


Founded in the year 2000, Pearl Packaging has been industry leader in the field of packing machine manufacturing and servicing having over 22+ years of experience.

For institutions big or small, for any packing applications Pearl packaging offers a wide range of machine which caters to the needs of the enterprise considering 3 key factors – a) Quality b) Productivity 3) Cost. We have an inhouse R&D team for developing any SPM machines which involves packaging related automation solutions.

Manufacturing unit headquartered at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. Company holds over 50+ employees working across regions both Global and nationwide for sales and servicing. We have done over 700 machine in more than 20 countries.

With our strong industry Knowledge, we partner with clients, study their requirement, understand their market demands and give them consultation and innovative complete packaging solution as a one stop solution for any range of business from Big, Medium and Small level enterprises.

Pearl Packaging will provide its guidance and training throughout the customer’s journey and enrich customer satisfaction in every sense.

Brand Value


We believe in building equipment and machinery which is most flexibe interms of operation. Our goal is to Carry out setting changes in minutes and not hours!



We believe and provide well researched and thoroughly designed layout massively reducing the machine space saving plenty of room for other purpose.



We believe no automation is complete without safety and a safe environment. The machines are build with utmost care for a smooth and perfect running experience.



We believe in hygiene as important as successful running machine. Our machine design allows you to directly access all components without being disturbed and enabling a smooth cleaning process.



We believe in simplicity rather than delivering simple logics and concept in the most complex looking ways. Every single machine operation can be 100% controlled from a easy to use visual display



We believe in providing consultation rather than mere selling of machinery to our customers. We have a very highly equipped and trained service team providing round the clock service support